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Astrology-Retrogrades: Mars, Venus, and Mercury Make The Best Of All 3

AstrologyAstrology  has planets moving in 2 directions:  direct and retrograde.

Mars has finally gone direct on Friday, April 13th after being in retrograde motion for over 10 weeks. Thank heavens! Projects that have been staggering should either improve or require a major renovation. The positive quality about Mars in this position is that it can lead one to analyze what they put time and effort into and the worth behind it. That retrograde was in the sign of Virgo. If it was in ones chart impacting the relationship section, one would look at their love life, who leads the relationship, intimacy skills, etc.. Unfortunately this position can make one extremely sensitive and subject to cutting relationships off. The positive note is that once this position is over, it will make one retrace their efforts asserted during the retrograde and either fix them or abandon them all together. The next Mars retrograde is not until 2014.

From April 14 through May 14 is a great time to finalize anything you can that wasn�t possible in the last few months. This is extremely encouraged because during the period of May 15�June 26, Venus is retrograde. Therefore hurry up and get what you need to get done ASAP, otherwise hold off until after June 28.

Also, in Astrology, Venus in retrograde motion can be the most challenging out of all the retrogrades. Venus deals with taste, pleasure, harmony, finances, relationships, bonding, social activities, beauty, and in some cases possessions. This is the one period that is not advised to not start anything new, make a major purchase, undergo any elective procedure, or make a major change such as a move. Under no circumstances would it be advisable to switch jobs, move to a new home, or renovate an existing home because after the planet finishes its retrograde motion, one will not like the results that manifested. Vacations that take place under this time period are not enjoyed. A change in mind and taste may lead to waste. Fortunately this retrograde is only 6 weeks in length. It is from May 15�June 27.

In Astrology, Mercury, the planet of communication, is going to retrograde two more times this year. This occurs for a 21-24 day period during July 14-August 8 and November 6-26.

Many blame this for delays in communications, articles getting lost etc.. However with any energy, it�s important to also know the positive use. Retrograde Mercury is a wonderful time to re-read a book, review materials that you previously learned or reinvestigate matters. Often times one will have a new perspective on it. In fact, usually if one didn�t understand a subject, re-exploring it on a retrograde can help one understand it better.

Mercury retrograde is the least of all difficulties. Though its pleasure principle is not impacted like Venus, it can delay travel or create difficulties with lost baggage. You are better off taking your vacation on this retrograde than the one during Venus.

With all the dates mentioned above, if you need to assert strong business action it is recommend doing so between August 9-November 5th.