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Astrologers Guide to Basic Astrology- Houses part 2

astrologersAstrologers rely on the houses in order to understand the specific areas of your life.

12th House. The 12th house is even closer to the ascendant and the sphere of action. The bright idea that we had in the 10th, and the resolve to do something about it that we made in the 11th, is coming up against the status quo of the ascendant in the 12th — our day-to-day reality. In the 12th house we are faced with a choice. We are about to cross over from the more impersonal realm of ideas and planning into our actual day-to-day circumstances. In the 12th, we begin to face the difference between our idea and our reality. We can either forget the whole thing and let the idea go, or we can care enough about making the idea matter in our life to buckle down and accept the way things are (status quo) and try to overcome them… to bring our new idea through and get it across the ascendant.

The 1st house marks the division between the upper and lower houses, between the mind and the body. If the upper houses show what is going on in our minds, the lower houses refer to our bodies — the experience of life.

1st House. The 1st house shows the result of what we managed to bring across from the world of ideas, plans, and commitments. It’s what remains when our new idea and impulse meet our reality. It is what overflows the status quo. It is a direct indication of how much we are able to accept.

2nd House. The 2nd house is the reaction of our life and environment to whatever was new in the 1st. It has to do with how our life changes because of, or in response to, this new energy. It has to do with how we adapt to, possess, or have something.

3rd House. The 3rd house continues the drama set forth in the 1st and 2nd. The 1st is the new start, the 2nd is the new body or what is drawn forth in response to the 1st, and the 3rd is how the situation develops to its fullness. It has to do with the working out and exploring of all the details and ramifications of what is forming.

4th House. The 4th house marks the extent to which this body develops its limits. It is also one of the angular houses and starts a new series of three. The 4th house has to do with fullness of experience — the body or meat of it. Development has reached its physical peak and can go no further. Instead, we can feel or move within the experience.

5th House. The 5th house signals the end of the simple feeling of the experience and the beginning of
consciousness of what it is that we have experienced. We are pouring forth or leaving the body. Emote, emotions. Offspring, self-consciousness, pride, and the like.

6th House. The 6th house signals the end of the vitality of the body and marks attempts to prolong, conserve, and take care of the experience or body. The experience or “party” is over.

7th House. The 7th house, another angular house, marks the beginning of a new series of three houses. Here we cross over from the personal houses to the impersonal houses. The personal experience of the first 6 houses is finished. It falls away from us and we see it as a complete stage in our development or whole. We leave the body and start into the mind. A turning away from the attempt for personal salvation toward a concern for others. Marriage.

8th House. The 8th house results from our fully grasping the nature of the completed personal experience in the first six houses… what was right about it and what was wrong. Here we strip away and can do without what was wrong. The extra baggage is unloaded.

9th House. The 9th house has to do with what remains when all extra is stripped away. It is what remains or is enduring from the entire episode. The seed essence. It becomes the light for a new idea in the 10th, where the whole cycle repeats itself.

Astrologers use the The Chart Wheel, or Mandala:
Here are some brief descriptions of the 12 houses and what they mean to astrologers. We will start with the 10th house — the house of clear, practical vision.

Tenth house. Career. Practical talents. Ideals. Where you see most clearly, clairvoyance. Thus your particular management, practical vision, and supervisory skills. Where you can see to do.

There are many house systems astrologers use.  The most common is placidus.

Astrological Basics Chartwheel & Houses part 1

astrological Astrological wheel, or mandala, is a map of the space surrounding us at the time of our birth. The wheel is divided into twelve sections called houses — six houses in the sky above, six beneath the Earth below. These houses are numbered counterclockwise, starting with the 1st house and the direction east, on the left-hand side of the wheel. Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in the houses that correspond to where they actually are in the sky. Of the 12 houses, astrologers find the four most important are the one directly above our heads (10th), the one under our feet (4th), the one on the left and to the east (1st), and the one on the right and to the west (7th).

These four are called angular, because they mark the corners of the chart: south, north, east, and west.

Life continues after the birth moment. Astrologers watch the planets (as they continue on in the sky after a birth) move through the houses of the natal chart. Their movement is counterclockwise as they go from the upper hemisphere (houses 7-12), across the ascendant, (1st house cusp) into the lower hemisphere (houses 1-6), and on around.

In the astrological chart wheel, the planets are placed in their zodiac positions. The zodiac stretches in a circle through all 360 degrees of the surrounding sky, and this circle is divided into sections of 30 degrees — the familiar 12 signs. Planet positions are measured within signs by degrees, minutes, and seconds of circular arc. Each degree contains 60 minutes of arc and each minute of arc contains 60 seconds of arc. For example, I might tell you that my Moon (Moon at birth) is in the sign Taurus (2nd sign). More exactly it is in the 23rd degree of Taurus. It is actually at 23 degrees and 28 minutes of the sign Taurus.

The chart wheel is usually divided into 12 sections called houses. The houses are numbered (counterclockwise) from 1to 12. The pie-like lines that divide one house from the next are called house cusps. For example, the cusp of the 1st house is the horizontal line on the left-hand (east) side of the wheel.

Keep in mind that our Earth makes a complete turn on its axis once in 24 hours. The chart wheel represents the space surrounding where we were born. It is as if we were standing outside with the sky above us (upper part of chart) and the Earth beneath our feet (lower hemisphere). As the Earth turns, it brings each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac overhead (or to any part of the wheel) once in 24 hours — a new degree of the zodiac every four minutes.

As you can see, the astrological symbols for the planets have been placed in the part of the sky (the house) in which they were at the time of your birth. For example, if you were born in the daytime, then the symbol for the Sun will be somewhere in the upper half of the wheel. If you were born at noon, the sun would be almost right overhead or at the top of the chart, while if you were born at midnight it would be at the bottom (4th house) of the chart.

The wheel is also seen as two hemispheres — a top and a bottom. The upper part of the chart (houses 7-12) represents that part of the sky that was overhead and above the horizon at the time of our birth. It has to do with the world of thoughts, ideas, ideals, and planning. The lower hemisphere (houses 1-6) marks that part of the heavens that we have under us — and cannot see — below the horizon and on the other side of the Earth from us. It has to do with experiences, embodiments, incarnation, and so forth. In other word, the sky above and the Earth below.

The Wheel of Houses

The chart wheel or mandala of 12 houses can be seen as a circle, or cycle, with each house leading to the next house, and so on, in a counterclockwise direction. Let’s start at the very top of the wheel, the MC and the cusp of the 10th house.

10th House. The 10th house at the peak of the chart, represents the most ideal or out-of-the-body part of the wheel. It is directly overhead, up-there, and to the south. It is the house of clear, practical vision (clairvoyance). Ideas can take their start here as planets pass through the 10th house. In the natal chart, the 10th house represents where we have our head above water and can see what to do — clear practical vision. It is therefore associated with career, vocation, and the like. The tenth house holds a clear idea about something — what is often called an out-of-the-body vision or experience, a time when we really get an insight in its totality.

11th House. The 11th house is a movement away from the 10th and down towards the lower hemisphere of the chart. The 11th house takes the clear idea seen in the 10th and resolves to put it to work, to keep it in mind or make it “matter.” We make a commitment to carry the idea into our daily life; that is, carry it across the ascendant (1st house cusp) and into the lower part of the chart, our personal life. The 11th house has to do with plans for action, group goals, cooperation.

Astrology Reading- Basics – Planet focus part 2

Astrology ReadingAstrology  Readings planets are the next subject of scrutiny. Jupiter, or life path: If Saturn is our life’s test, then Jupiter is the key, guide, and light that sees us through the darkness of time (or Saturn). It is the straight and narrow path by which we pass through Saturn’s test. Jupiter is the particular way we go or continue in life — continuity. It is our “luck” or solution to time’s test. In astrology, Jupiter is the great benefic as it shows us how to find our way through Saturn and the tests of time — how to use Saturn. Jupiter is our key to succession through time, to success. It is the way through or on. Jupiter is the key, or antidote, to Saturn; therefore, Jupiter has to do with how we are to be successful in life in our particular battle against the forces of time (Saturn). Jupiter often describes our vocation or the way we must go through life, since that through which we have to pass (Saturn) dictates the way we must go through life (our vocation). We have mastered our Jupiter when we are a physical success.

One of the goals in an astrology reading is to help you learned to master our Saturn, to be successful, our mind is free to explore our situation. The freedom of Jupiter is eternal vigilance toward the law or rules of Saturn. We go from victory to victory over time, or Saturn, which translates into day-to-day success. We make a living.

Now that we are free within time, or Saturn, our mind begins to wonder what it all means. What’s the purpose of all this? We begin to penetrate into the next chakra, that of Mars. The key to our success (Jupiter) will be the planet Mars — how we feel about our life.

In Astrology, Mars, or the marriage: Mars is the energy that moves us, the way we feel — our emotions. It is what drives us and the way we are driven. And it is the kind of energy or drive that we have which determines our personal atmosphere or aura: the kind of room or space in which we have to live — our living room. The kind of room we have determines how we feel about our life, comfortable or cramped. After Jupiter fades to an easy repetition, our mind turns to thoughts of unity, oneness — marriage.

We are driven to marriage, or yoga, of one kind or another. It is the way the two become one. Everyone chooses a form of yoga, union, or marriage… some way to join or yoke the two opposing parts of ourselves together and to perceive them as one life — ours.

We master each planet or chakra, maintain it, and move on or penetrate into the next, inner one. The Jupiter chakra is a tremendous war between us and them. Dichotomy. When we seek to understand the secret of “us” and “them,” we penetrate into the Mars chakra — what it all means. Meaning drives us across the Earth until we can see the end of all difference, that it is all one. We are free at last from the bonds of Saturn (Satan). We have learned what we must do to survive or to succeed in life. Yet the world we live in is not a unity. It is us against them. And still this somehow does not feel right. Our life becomes a process of gathering meanings and hints of a possible unity between the opposing parties. This is the yoga, union, or marriage that each must negotiate. The entire Mars chakra has to do with dealing with all the motion, emotion, and meanings of life. Following them out, understanding them. Mars, therefore, is the sphere of all things meaningful, everything that moves us: music, poetry, drama, movies — the works. Anything that gets a rise out of us. We are working with our Mars as long as we have not completed our yoga, or marriage, as long as the two have not become one. As long as we are intrigued and drawn hither and yon, we are working on our Mars. This mysterious person beckons, that piece of music or poem captures our attention, moves us.

Mars is our marriage or union. It is the systematic making friends with everything that is foreign (other than us). At some point in this journey, we get the message. We cease to be blown hither and yon by every passing emotion. We discover that life is its own meaning. We have penetrated to the Earth, or heart chakra.

In astrology readings we look at Earth, or the heart:
We ourselves are the meaning. “I AM THAT I AM,” and for no other reason. We take refuge in life itself with no referrals. This is it!

“I am in it to the end, and that’s all, And the ‘ever’ it’s coming to be. And in me is out, the shadow of doubt, And the ‘in’ that is ‘out’, Well, that’s me!”

Earth/Sun represent the end of meaning, the heart of it all. The two are one. The marriage is consummated, the child is born. The Earth is us as we are in our oneness. The Sun is the essence of what it all means.


Basic Astrology- Planet focus part 1

AstrologyAstrology  The Lights

The Sun and Moon (or lights, as they are called) are the two most important bodies. It is sometimes easier to understand what they represent in astrology if we consider how they interrelate with the Earth.

A good analogy is the following. Each of us is on Earth. The bright and shining Sun represents someone older, someone we look up to — whether that be a teacher or guru. The Moon represents someone younger, especially the groups that we used to belong to. That is the analogy. Here is how we might think about it:

In Astrology we can’t live either on the Sun or Moon. We have grown out of and beyond the younger generation (Moon). Out of it we once came or were born. This is why the Moon is said to be a mystery. It is both our parent and our child. Regardless, we no longer are alive to what moves the younger generation. The same kind of reasoning is true of those older than us, who have taken more degrees of experience. We are still too young… not yet ready to live in the solar environment. We receive light from the Sun, and it makes life grow.

We each have both a Sun and a Moon. In the course of a month, these two bodies take up various positions in relation to where we are on Earth. At the Full Moon, the Moon is beyond the orbit of the Earth (farther out) and reflecting sunlight back on us. At the New Moon, the Moon is within the Earth’s orbit and lost in the Sun. Tradition suggests that we start (or may receive) an impulse at the New Moon, build and develop it for two weeks until the Full Moon, and then gradually understand or draw some conclusions from the experience during the two weeks after the moon is full.

The Planets (esoteric meaning)

The key to the planets, or the chakras: Here is a planetary key to personal natal chart interpretation that any beginning astrological student can use with confidence. The natural ordering of the planets that can be seen easily with the naked eye can serve as a key to their interpretation. As we know, the planetary order out from the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These are the naked-eye planets. Beyond Saturn are the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We will start with Saturn and work our way in towards the Sun. The key thought necessary in order to use these planets in your own horoscope is this: the inner planet is always the key to the outer. In every case, in order to reveal, open, and use the outer, we go within. In other words, each inner planet is the meaning and key to the planet beyond its orbit. For example, we live on Earth.
The next planet inside the orbit of the Earth is Venus. Therefore, Venus will be the key to the Earth experience. If we stop and think about it, Venus (or love) has been held up as the key to life on this Earth throughout the ages. If we have obstacles and problems in our life (Saturn), then studying one’s Jupiter will give us the key to the planet Saturn in our natal chart… Mars will be the key to Jupiter, and so on. Let’s begin.

in Astrology, Saturn, or law: Almost every astrologer wants to know where Saturn is in the chart because here we are sure to gain insight into some of the major obstacles and challenges of life. Saturn, or Satan (as it is sometimes called), is the prince of time and of the material world. We don’t break nature’s laws, they break us. The laws of Saturn are much feared, for it is here that we are bound to learn. The laws of Saturn are often seen as standing between us and an easy life. But Saturn also provides the walls that make homes possible.

Gravity is an example — the law that holds things in place. We come across the influence of Saturn every time we break nature’s law. We are subjected and tested by these laws until such time as we learn to use them. Saturn is so important in the chart because it shows us where we must be disciplined and where we are bound to learn something; therefore, everyone always wants to know how to come to grips with Saturn in the natal chart. The key to the realm of Saturn in our chart can be found by studying our natal Jupiter.

Astrology-Retrogrades: Mars, Venus, and Mercury Make The Best Of All 3

AstrologyAstrology  has planets moving in 2 directions:  direct and retrograde.

Mars has finally gone direct on Friday, April 13th after being in retrograde motion for over 10 weeks. Thank heavens! Projects that have been staggering should either improve or require a major renovation. The positive quality about Mars in this position is that it can lead one to analyze what they put time and effort into and the worth behind it. That retrograde was in the sign of Virgo. If it was in ones chart impacting the relationship section, one would look at their love life, who leads the relationship, intimacy skills, etc.. Unfortunately this position can make one extremely sensitive and subject to cutting relationships off. The positive note is that once this position is over, it will make one retrace their efforts asserted during the retrograde and either fix them or abandon them all together. The next Mars retrograde is not until 2014.

From April 14 through May 14 is a great time to finalize anything you can that wasn�t possible in the last few months. This is extremely encouraged because during the period of May 15�June 26, Venus is retrograde. Therefore hurry up and get what you need to get done ASAP, otherwise hold off until after June 28.

Also, in Astrology, Venus in retrograde motion can be the most challenging out of all the retrogrades. Venus deals with taste, pleasure, harmony, finances, relationships, bonding, social activities, beauty, and in some cases possessions. This is the one period that is not advised to not start anything new, make a major purchase, undergo any elective procedure, or make a major change such as a move. Under no circumstances would it be advisable to switch jobs, move to a new home, or renovate an existing home because after the planet finishes its retrograde motion, one will not like the results that manifested. Vacations that take place under this time period are not enjoyed. A change in mind and taste may lead to waste. Fortunately this retrograde is only 6 weeks in length. It is from May 15�June 27.

In Astrology, Mercury, the planet of communication, is going to retrograde two more times this year. This occurs for a 21-24 day period during July 14-August 8 and November 6-26.

Many blame this for delays in communications, articles getting lost etc.. However with any energy, it�s important to also know the positive use. Retrograde Mercury is a wonderful time to re-read a book, review materials that you previously learned or reinvestigate matters. Often times one will have a new perspective on it. In fact, usually if one didn�t understand a subject, re-exploring it on a retrograde can help one understand it better.

Mercury retrograde is the least of all difficulties. Though its pleasure principle is not impacted like Venus, it can delay travel or create difficulties with lost baggage. You are better off taking your vacation on this retrograde than the one during Venus.

With all the dates mentioned above, if you need to assert strong business action it is recommend doing so between August 9-November 5th.